International trade has assisted the USA to practice American imperialism through American allies that were created by providing financial and military assistance. TPP is a free trade agreement that will purportedly liberalize trade and investment between Pacific-rim countries. Many opposed to trans-pacific partnership, including Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, suggested that it would cause the loss of American jobs. The politics of openness in China really begins with Deng Xiaoping, who is quoted as saying: ‘To learn knowledge and truth from the West in order to save China.’ Deng emerged as the de facto leader of China following Mao’s death on 9 September 1976. While Deng was not the author of the reforms, they occurred under his leadership during the 1970s and early 1980s, leading to China being opened up to foreign investment. The United States has and should advance its interests – economic, political, security – by building and leading an open and liberal-oriented international order.