The US Trade Act of 1974, amended in 2018, is described as An act to promote the development of an open, nondiscriminatory, and fair world economic system, to stimulate fair and free competition between the United States and foreign nations, to foster the economic growth of, and full employment in, the United States, and for other purposes. The Made in China Notice released in 2015 targeted 10 strategic advanced technology manufacturing industries, including advanced information technologies and robotics alongside technologies in aviation, maritime, rail, new energy vehicles, electrical generation, agricultural machinery, new materials, and pharmaceuticals. China has made incredible progress from the days of copy strategies to support and develop a world-class indigenous technology sector that will propel China into the leading world position in high-tech industries in a few years, threatening the US Silicon Valley’s leading position in new digital technologies and competing successfully in world biotech, nano-tech, new materials, and energy technology markets.