Dialectological and, partially, sociolinguistic research can be included among the most outstanding antecedents of the elaboration of linguistic corpora. In dialectology, the texts collected at the time for ethnographic purposes were important, as well as the discourses collected as a complement to the linguistic atlases the treatment of samples of spoken language. This chapter presents the most relevant corpus for the study of geographical and social variation in Spanish. Among others, the Corpus del Español del Siglo XXI (CORPES XXI), the Corpus del Español elaborated by Mark Davies or the oral corpus gathered from the Project for the Sociolinguistic Study of Spanish in Spain and America (PRESEEA) should be highlighted. These corpuses are presented according to their characteristics and general objectives and offering details of its methodological foundations.

297On the other hand, this chapter proposes a reflection on the concepts and fundamental issues that affect the construction of corpus from a dialectological and sociolinguistic perspective. It also offers a state of the art in this field, discussing some of the most complex methodological issues and commenting on some possibilities for future development of corpus linguistics.