New theoretical and methodological perspectives in applied linguistics have meant the revitalization of processes for teaching academic writing in the disciplines in Spanish. Research initiatives aimed at strengthening the processes of academic literacy grounded in the description of disciplinary genres are valuable. However, text analysis with a focus on register and genre from the perspective of text corpus analysis has not been sufficiently 326explored. In this chapter, we advocate for greater integration of the prototypical rhetorical-discursive patterns resulting from the analysis of discursive genres based on corpus analysis that guides the teaching of disciplinary writing in Spanish and the support of traditional materials and computer tools. To this end, we open this chapter by discussing research that addresses the analysis of written academic genres that follow a corpus linguistics methodology. Additionally, we review some didactic initiatives for teaching academic writing in the disciplines. We also present some research on computer assisted academic genre writing. Finally, we showcase the process of writing an undergraduate thesis in computer engineering.