In recent years, there have been emerging enterprises of spoken Spanish corpora building. Many of them are in progress, within the framework of research projects in the academic discourse area. However, they are still scarce, difficult to access and very diverse, considering that their construction obeys specific research objectives. Therefore, this chapter includes, in a selective manner and without any claim to exhaustivity, academic spoken Spanish corpora, in addition to corpora that collect samples of academic spoken Spanish. Following an exploratory and empirical-based methodology, corpora are classified on these criteria: access (published and unpublished corpora); searching type (discursive and lexical corpora); medium (spoken and mixed corpora); academic speech planning (spontaneous and controlled speech corpora); 60available compilation mode (monomodal and multimodal corpora); descriptive scope of discursive genres (one-genre and multi-genre corpora); language (monolingual, bilingual and multilingual corpora); descriptive scope of language (general and specialized corpora); language diatopic variation (American Spanish and Peninsular Spanish corpora).