Theoretically the outcome would be a radical relativism, in fact defended by various cultural anthropologists like Boas and Herskovits. Practically it meant a dead end, since a radical relativism would make fundamental communication and cooperation between cultures impossible. Differences in interpretation shape the human world of communication: the intercultural discussion about the goal and criteria of development. There must be some common framework of understanding, otherwise such a deliberation and consultation would not be possible. The contemporary discussion between more absolutist and relativist viewpoints operates entirely within the framework of rational scientific analysis. The scientifically based social technique, the methodologically channelled organization can only become fully operational when this transcendental frame of reference to universals, in their specific modes of appearance, is taken into account. Scientific and organizational networks are indispensable for the radar function of every preparatory phase, but integration into the specific meaning manifest in a culture demands the effort to understand the transcendence implied in that culture.