This chapter reports on the findings of a qualitative study undertaken with the aim of examining the status of crisis translators and interpreters (T&Is) in Yemen. The study aimed to ascertain how they perceive their role as volunteer T&Is and what challenges they face in their work during the current crisis in Yemen, particularly the humanitarian relief operation in the cholera epidemic. Identifying such challenges presumably informs trainers and international organizations on what to include in courses to train T&Is working in crises. The study adopts a qualitative method and uses data collected via semi-structured interviews, which are carried out with twelve volunteer T&Is working with international organizations in Yemen. The study finds that volunteer T&Is perceive their role as to serve their country and people. They face many challenges in their work: Some are caused by the deteriorating situation in Yemen; some are related to the lack of proper training; and some, which are rather striking, are caused by the international organizations’ lack of knowledge of the cultural and social norms of the Yemeni society.