As a theological educator, the author convinced that the church needs to rethink the formation and practice of evangelization in the world of mission, in view of moving toward a living faith and an impactful Christian theology that is both biblical and cultural. Both the Confucian and Christian traditions are committed to learning and faith (xin, pistis) because of their shared belief in the messianic mission and betterment of the world. Learning and faith are not for the sake of speculatively constructing doctrines or knowledge; rather, they are for the mission of transforming the world. The Christian Bible has a long tradition of wisdom. Courting wisdom cross-culturally is necessary because the Wisdom tradition assumes that all truths, if they are of God, must point people to God, such as the general revelation of nature—the sun and moon, the flowers and bees—has taught people to “fear God” and “live virtuously with abundant life” to the glory of God.