Human sexuality is typically not identified as a field of practice for social work and, more specifically, sex therapy is rarely discussed as a career option for clinical practitioners. A social worker and certified sex therapist who has spent 15 years in private practice providing sex therapy will highlight how social work and sex therapy are well matched. The chapter seeks to expand professional discourse on how to support sexual well-being client services, by introducing a career option, sex therapist, for social workers. In this chapter, sex therapy is first defined, followed by an exploration of the question, ‘But why social workers?’ Next, four prominent sexuality models are presented prior to four case studies highlighting social work in sex therapy. Subsequently, seven pathways are discussed to prepare social workers for specialization as sex therapists. Finally, four suggestions for the social work field are presented: 1. Target Doctor of Social Work programs to prepare future sex therapists; 2. Market existing academic programs with CEU courses to certified sex therapists and those wanting to be certified; 3. Solidify social work as a sexual health leader; and 4. Make peace with psychotherapy as a social work career option.