First published in four instalments in Tait’s, including the sections on ‘Godwin’ and ‘Foster’ in the first instalment (November 1845), pp. 724–9; ‘Hazlitt’ and ‘Shelley’ in the second instalment (December 1845), pp. 756–61; the continuation of ‘Shelley’ in the third instalment (January 1846), pp. 23–9; and the section on ‘Keats’ in the fourth instalment (April 1846), pp. 249–54; the entire review was reprinted in F, Essays on the Poets and Other Writers, 1853; the sections on ‘Shelley’ and ‘Keats’ in SGG, vol. 6, Sketches, Critical and Biographic, pp. 1–29, 269–88; the sections on ‘Godwin,’ ‘Foster,’ and ‘Hazlitt,’ in SGG, vol. 12, Speculations, Literary and Philosophical, pp. 280–312.