As originally conceived, Suspiria de Profundis was to have four parts, which De Quincey anticipated publishing as instalments in Blackwood’s before they were gathered into a book as the planned sequel to Confessions of an English Opium-Eater. The series in Blackwood’s in 1845, and the book that was to follow, were never completed. Two parts were published in four instalments: in March ‘Introductory Note’ and ‘Part I, Afflictions of Childhood’; in April the continuation of ‘Afflictions of Childhood’; in June ‘Part I concluded’, ‘The Palimpsest’, ‘Levana and Our Ladies of Sorrow’, ‘The Apparition of the Brocken’, and ‘Finale to Part I. – Savannah-la-Mar’; in July the beginning of ‘Part II’. The final instalments of Suspiria, promised to Blackwood’s in November, may have been ‘The English Mail Coach’ and ‘The Vision of Sudden Death’, Blackwood’s, October and December, 1849 (see Vol. 16 of this edition).