MS Dove Cottage unnumbered (1–3): white paper, cut to irregular shapes, written in black ink on both sides. (1) irregular fragment c. 8 × 12 cm; (2) irregular fragment, angular cut from 10 to 14 × 22 cm; (3) almost a complete sheet 18.5 × 23 cm, but with a small rectangle cut away from top right corner (recto; top left of verso). There are no watermarks. The sequence of De Quincey’s text on ‘Evil’ is from (1) recto, to (3) verso, to (2) recto. Not fully transcribed by Japp, parts of these manuscript pages correspond to the sections published as ‘Principle of Evil’ (PW, vol. I, pp. 168–72.), ‘Mythus’ (PW, vol. I, p. 43), and the ‘Brevia’ entry on ‘The hatred of truth at first dawning’ (PW, vol. I, pp. 201–2).