In this chapter, I consider the prospects for a skeptical version of infallibilism. I think skeptical invariantism has a lot going for it (it easily explains many of the key desiderata of a theory of knowledge). However, a satisfactory theory of knowledge must account for all of our desiderata, including the desideratum that our ordinary knowledge attributions are appropriate. This last part will not be easy for the infallibilist invariantist. Indeed, I will argue that it is much more difficult than those sympathetic to skepticism have acknowledged, as there are serious problems with regarding paradigmatic, typical knowledge attributions as loose talk, exaggerations, or otherwise practical uses of language. So, I do not think the pragmatic story that skeptical invariantism needs is one that works without a supplemental error theory of the sort left aside by purely pragmatic accounts of knowledge attributions. In its place, I will offer a compromise pragmatic and error view that I think delivers everything that skeptics can reasonably hope to get.