Relaxed, Determined, Forward is designed to empower clients to successfully undertake the task of revisiting their material. Although tailored for the screenwriter, a coach can modify it for a variety of artistic mediums. The coach guides the client to complete the exercise in ninety days and coordinates the time frame of the follow-up sessions in between. Designed with a focus on mindfulness, Relaxed, Determined, Forward reminds the client of the significance of self-care, how to calm down while in physical discomfort, how to ignore limiting thoughts, and how to take their creative work to the next step. As coaches become more relaxed and more present, and also determined, writing and revising turn into a manageable routine. By taking determined action and refining readers steps each time they encounter challenges, and by also staying relaxed, they will succeed. Clients who were unable initially to review their screenplays learned to focus and successfully revise and complete them.