Breakthroughs in brain science are confirming that the nonverbal portion of the brain plays a significant role in processing information. Creative Alchemy exercises facilitate a re-connection with the inner healer inside of us and help creatives overcome unwanted beliefs and blocks. A simple creative act, as simple as splashing color on paper, has given survivors of trauma a voice of release. In those situations, verbal coaching and therapy could not assist them because trauma survivors couldn’t use their words. Engaging the nonverbal portion of the brain allowed them to communicate and restore homeostasis. With Creative Alchemy, Sonia, a client, found herself unable to use her familiar words. She had to deal with her issue nonverbally and she experienced the energy of her issue as she dipped the Q-tips into paint and colored whatever came up. She took the opportunity to sink into all the unpleasantness and register the feelings that she had resisted before.