The concept of liminality was developed by anthropologist Victor Turner as a means of describing the middle stage of a rite of passage. A liminal space is the space in between, a sort of limbo. The exercise is an experiential, embodied process that can be done at home, in a coaching session, or in a workshop. It’s useful to explore the concept of liminality before beginning the exercise. The coach then guides the client through the process as outlined previously. If the coach is trained in hypnotherapy, it is useful to bring the client into a light trance during the breathing work. Clients can guide themselves through the process, or print out the instructions and have another person do it. The key is to utilize the physical experience of standing in a threshold. Encourage participants to explore other types of thresholds as well: an arch-way, a beach, a driveway, the gate into a garden, or the edge of a forest.