This chapter aims to help creatives prime themselves for new possibilities through envisioning, embracing, and embodying their Greatest Possible Selves (GPS) rather than remaining Prisoners of the Past. Feeling the supportive presence of an inner GPS, while holding our intentions front and center, helps us experience ourselves differently and look to new possibilities instead of choosing from the past. Invoking coaches' name Like a Miracle Mantra is a self-valuing tool designed to help creatives tap into their personalities, upgrade their character, strengthen their identities, and honor their unlimited creative potential. Select the most resonant-feeling affirmation. “Soak it in” by breathing in for a count of 5 seconds and then out for a count of 5 seconds, viscerally sensing part of the affirmation on the inhale and part on the exhale. The checking in can come in the shape of a verbal or written after-action reflection and can include an added-on “gratitude self-harmonizing” prompt.