Higher education, in the main, should be structured in such a way that it addresses the issue of diversity and rejects all forms of hegemony, stereotypes, and biases; both as a public and as a common good, it must provide equal opportunity for as many as possible in the interest of a more rights-based, egalitarian, and cohesive society. However, the cost of scholarly literature has spiraled out of control, making higher education unaffordable. In a post-colonial era, it is imperative that higher education be relevant and decolonized. Unfortunately, the quest for maximizing profits by large publishing houses have not supported the goal of an affordable and decolonized education.

Academic libraries are attempting to bridge this divide by providing an open access and social justice-driven “library as a publisher” service. This service upholds the principles of inclusivity and diversity. Library publishing provides opportunity for an inclusive, affordable, and decolonized higher education.