Modern international life has been deeply marked and transformed by endeavours to meet the needs and fulfil the requirements of protection of the human person and of the environment. The awareness of the interrelatedness has contributed decisively to the evolution from the internationalization to the globalization of human rights protection and environmental protection. In the domain of environmental protection, the presence, despite the ‘sectoral’ regulation, of ‘transversal’ issues and rules contributed to the globalist approach. The global character of environmental issues is reflected in the question of conservation of biological diversity. The globalization of human rights protection and of environmental protection can be attested from a distinct approach, namely, that of the emergence of erga omnes obligations and the consequent decline and gradual abandonment of reciprocity. The right to life is universally acknowledged as a basic or fundamental human right, the enjoyment of which is a ‘necessary condition of the enjoyment of all other human rights’.