This chapter is dedicated to Mike Lawson, who has now somewhat retired after a long and distinguished career in academia, in so far as truly engaged academics never really retire.

All too often, the research findings about learning and teaching remain a conversation and sometimes a debate between researchers but fail to be known and used in educational practice. Educational psychology research has much to contribute to guiding and forming defensible justifications for choices made when aspiring to achieve high-quality teaching and learning. We recognise this when we reflect that Mike Lawson's contribution to educational quality was not limited to his research into theoretical conceptions of quality in learning and teaching. In his almost 50 years of practice as a university educator, Mike taught at all levels of higher education and in doing so modelled the theories generated in his research. This utilising of educational research was evident in his approach to teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate education courses, and in his supervision of higher degree research (PhD) candidates. Mike made learning possible, as evidenced in the students’ reflections on his teaching and supervision presented in this chapter.