This chapter is organised in four sections revealing the significant impact of Goodson’s work on Brazilian educational literature and, in particular, on the academic production of my study group. First, I broadly present the relevance of Goodson’s thought to Brazilian curriculum theory. This is followed by the second section wherein I describe my study group and our theoretical exchanges with Goodson’s work. In the third section, I address the importance of the narrative approach proposed by Goodson for the understanding of curriculum policies, highlighting my own investigations, which were deepened by the contact we had during my research internship at the University of Brighton. During this period, Goodson proposed the model of the journey of school knowledge as a theoretical lens for understanding the effects of the curriculum policies for high school in Brazil from 1996 to 2015. Lastly, I seek to delineate comparisons between Goodson’s thinking and Benjamin’s perspectives on concepts of narrative and experience, as I recognise potentialities present in the way in which these two authors conceive the subject and political and social action.