Facilitators are challenged to consider the extent to which they are affected by the “rules” of a particular group, in other words, their “degree of externality”. A facilitator is there to work with the participants’ issues and content, and not their own, and therefore would not unnecessarily make reference to herself or himself and their position vis-a-vis the participating organizations. Desirable facilitator traits include being calm, patient, down-to-earth and approachable, as an external colleague who can “hold up a mirror” to the group as needed, while demonstrating discipline and engagement. As facilitators of meetings, workshops, conferences and other sorts of gatherings, there is much people have learned that seems to have been helpful in our interactions with participants, organizers and funders while working together in person. The challenge for organizers and participants is to conceptualize and convey how the event will be followed up with actions that can be monitored for their impacts and where required, additional support.