Researchers have paid considerable attention to DDL in tertiary education, but DDL in secondary schools has rarely been examined. One of the reasons why younger language learners have not been exposed to DDL is the lack of appropriate corpus resources. Pedagogic corpora (PC) follow design principles that differ from those present in corpora designed for research purposes: PC are topic-driven, they pursue pedagogic rather than linguistic representativeness, and they challenge traditional corpus-search behaviour. This chapter explores the potential contribution of SACODEYL-English, a multimedia pedagogic corpus of L1 teenage speakers of English. This research demonstrates how pedagogic annotation can help language teachers and learners engage in data-driven usage that is pedagogically relevant (Braun, 2005) and true to the context of secondary school learning (Braun, 2007; Pérez-Paredes, 2010). Particular attention is paid to the pedagogy behind discourse grammar (Carter & McCarthy, 2017).