This chapter lists the available resources on Philippine English (PhE) and English in the Philippines. It identifies the institutions and organizations which spearhead the study of PhE as well as schools, colleges, and universities which teach, whether directly or indirectly, PhE as a course. The chapter mentions the datasets available for research on PhE. The first publication which called attention to the emergence of a local variety of English in the Philippines was written by Professor Teodoro Llamzon in 1969 at the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon, the Philippines. Lourdes Bautista and her students at La Salle has been particularly well-received in the world Englishes community; hence, La Salle has been strongly associated with PhE. Because Ariane Borlongan, who has also been actively researching on PhE, is based at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, his courses on world Englishes also give significant attention to PhE.