Since the turn of the century, much of research on the grammar of Philippine English (PhE) has shifted from broad descriptions of limited spoken and written data to more quantitative approaches using voluminous corpora. Decades of theoretical and methodological developments have prompted greater scholarly vigilance on the current grammatical identity of PhE and its evolution. To provide a general description on the current grammatical features of PhE, this chapter discusses the most recent studies that have explored the area over the past 20 years. Among the most notable studies on PhE tense and aspect are those by Gonzalez and Bautista who provided broad descriptions of the tense-aspect system based on internal features. Schneider was the first to explore modality in PhE with the hypothesis that certain types and uses of particle verbs predominate within specific contexts. Although non-inherently part of English, enclitic particles as widely used in spoken English among Filipinos was hypothesized to be prevalent in PhE.