Abused children need to be able to feel good about their bodies and to develop self-esteem. After years of aversion gaze, the tabloid press have suddenly discovered child sexual abuse and have over-sensationalized a complex and painful subject. Sexual abuse is not confined to nubile daughters and their fathers. It can occur at birth and continue throughout a whole lifetime. The causes of sexually transmitted diseases in children should always be investigated as should excessive masturbation and sexually provocative behaviour. The sad thing is that abused children do not know the difference between affection and sexual behaviour. Thus their behaviour can subject them to further abuse. Sexually abused children feel betrayed and respond to being used as a sexual object. They feel spoilt, debased and violated. Bewildering feelings of guilt are mixed with anger and shame. Children can leave the household, marry, have their own children and still be lured back into the sexually abusing set-up.