This chapter presents lessons learned from the development of the ‘e-footprints’ online serious geogame. The game concentrates on collecting data about human behavior in a built environment and learning about energy consumption and saving. The ‘e-footprints’ game takes the player into an interactive simulated home environment where he/she can regulate the conditions of this environment, i.e., set up the room temperature, open/close the window, turn on/off the air conditioner, etc. Random events and wisdom puzzles make the game playful and challenging. This chapter summarizes the spiral development of two prototypes of the game. The second prototype represents the improvements based on the comments on the first prototype given by 110 international students. The main comments given by the students were related to the visualization and aesthetics of the ‘e-footprints’ game. According to the spiral development principles, we designed the second prototype of the game presented in this chapter. Further research includes studying the game as a teaching/learning tool, analyzing the collected data, understanding the impact of meaningful choices in the game, and the states of the flow.