What happens if we, as educators and researchers, try to inhabit our educational practice as a social arts practice? This question was the starting point for an inquiry that sought to use performative approaches to encounter, negotiate and potentially change the conditions of arts education from within its institutional framework. Inspired by contemporary art projects, where everyday collective practices - such as building or cooking - are performed as art, the authors turned to explore how this could also apply to their own educational practice. This spurred a practice-led research process in collaboration between students and educators at a master’s programme in fine arts. In the chapter, the authors’ personal memories and reflections from the inquiry intertwine with analytical concepts from contemporary art theory in five sections: The sensuous: exploring space, The relational: exploring togetherness, The metafictional: exploring performance, The antagonistic: exploring conflict, The durational: exploring negotiation. The chapter concludes by listing pedagogical potentialities that may unfold when practicing education as art.