On the 9 February 1996 a massive bomb exploded near Canary Wharf, killing two people and creating over £2 million damage. Shortly before the bomb detonated, the IRA announced that its ceasefire had ended. The impact on security both in Ireland and Britain was immediate. Soldiers are once again on the streets of Belfast, port and airport procedures are back in place and familiar warnings against left luggage are made at regular intervals in public places. It looks increasingly likely that the whole security apparatus will be re-engaged to try and deal with political violence. At the same time, the problem of insecurity is again at the forefront of everyone’s mind as they go about their daily business. The cease-fire provided seventeen months and nine days of peace, apart from an occasional act of violence. It also provided an opportunity to reflect upon a range of security issues: the methods, style and organisation of policing, the form of the criminal justice system; mechanisms for the protection of human of rights; and the treatment, release and transfer of political prisoners.