This chapter argues that in the field of psychosis some co-constructions between psychoanalysis and phenomenology may take place and highlights some possible shared aspects. It presents the phenomenological account of schizophrenia and explores a vignette. It aims to discuss the psychoanalytic views on schizophrenic psychosis, also including a detailed vignette. The chapter proposes some recommendations from psychoanalysis and phenomenology to improve the psychiatric care and treatment of persons in psychotic states of mind. In modern psychoanalysis, the anchoring of the structures of representations and symbol-formation may be seen as a function of primal repression. The inseparable bond and dialectic relation between cure and research is the basis of psychoanalysis as a science. Psychoanalysis as a science is based in the intersubjective field of subject and Other: body–mind–world, subject–other, subject–group and subject–discourse. In different ways, the disciplines are today seen as outsiders in the psychiatric discourse formations.