In evolutionary terms living things are impelled by intent. The source of that intent is the drive to encounter. It might usefully be described, following Spinoza, as a conatus, the commencing of the process to persist in being. In evolution, cells, in their ‘going forth’ issue certain cueing mechanisms, where they bump and nudge each other into cooperativity. Together, in consociation, both with themselves in communion with the localised habitat and environment, they seek to flourish. They advance and as they do so they wish to advance and grow in a symbiosis of exchange. Homeostasis refers to the fundamental set of operations at the core of life, from the earliest and long-vanished point of its beginning in early biochemistry of life. Surveying all the treasures of the mind and all the splendours of its achievements shall find, at the bottom of every serious judgement, something problematical left.