As digital modes of communication and participation become further enmeshed into everyday lives, so too do these technologies feature in shifting enactments of sexual violence. Though much research has examined various aspects of sexual victimization generally, examination of the ways in which digital technologies contribute to both the cultures and practices of sexual violence has been comparatively slow to develop. This chapter examines the human, social, and technical factors that contribute to technology-facilitated sexual violence (TFSV), including but not limited to: enabling rape and/or sexual assault or another unwanted sexual experience; image-based sexual abuse, including the non-consensual creation, distribution, or threat of distribution, of nude or sexual images; and online sexual harassment, including sexual solicitation, image-based harassment, gender-based hate speech, and rape threats. Here, we discuss the conceptual development of this rapidly emerging field and discuss TFSV in the context of technosocial analyses within the field of ‘cyber’ and digital criminologies.