This chapter focuses on the assumption that platform work involves an individual who performs tasks in task-driven circumstances and that the interplay between worker and environment has effects on the individual’s health, safety, and wellbeing. Working conditions that characterize different tasks in platform work and influence wellbeing, motivation, health, and safety have been rarely investigated. Due to a wide variety of work performed through platforms, which include transportation and services among others, a number of health and safety risks and demands are evident, such as road traffic safety, interaction with the public, and use of household cleaning agents. The structure of the digitalizing platform economy evidently intensifies the competition among workers on platforms, which may lead to workers not being willing to cooperate with one another. Platform work also provides other positive aspects for health and safety. The combination of different challenges and/or hindrances to demands, job resources, and/or lack thereof contributes to the wellbeing and health of platform workers.