In Finland, the vocational education and training system is predominantly school-based. Education is organized mainly through institutions but also as apprenticeship training that is a parallel route to obtaining a vocational degree. A multifaceted example of the long-standing system of company-driven vocational education can be found in Finland. The interviews revealed that with regard to job security and benefits, the distinction between general vocational education and training and the KONE Industrial School training is remarkable. New forms of cooperation among educational institutions, working life organizations, and industry can yield answers to meet future educational challenges by generating novel learning solutions developing and distributing new kinds of competencies, innovations, and cutting-edge expertise. Digitalization and other significant changes and developments challenge professionals who face novel professional complexities and entirely new skill requirements, as well as educational systems and workplaces that generate the need to rethink and transform the ways in which competencies are cultivated over lifetimes in the face of accelerating change.