In this concluding chapter, the editors synthesize the contributions to Writing Democracy in further notes on the content, form, and goals of a “political turn.” Drawing connections between the ideas of contributors and their own, they fill in the legends of the map that structured this volume’s contents in a sort of poetic worldmaking. That is, as we learn in Part I, we must act as if were possible to win true democracy (Davis); we need to bear in mind that the struggle for revolutionary consciousness is episodic (Trimbur); and we must continually ask in what world do we want to live, in whose interests, and how do we get there (Welch). For their part, the editors reiterate their call for a political turn across the disciplines, building on the practice, theory, and pedagogy of their own field, composition and rhetoric, laying out the grim prospects for the future not in despair but rather in the belief that now is the time, before it is too late, for us all to engage in revolutionary thought and action.