This chapter argues for a Marxist pedagogy necessitated by the intensification of transnational capitalism, accelerating climate change and the corporatization of higher education. With respect to the exigency of climate change, Marx’s theory of “metabolic rift” as the widening chasm in the metabolism between humanity and nature postulates as its inverse an end to the exploitation of labor as well as nature. This pedagogy adopts a historical materialist theoretical framework based on principles of Marxist education derived from Marx, Lenin, Vygotsky, and their interpreters. Situated in what Laurence Cox and Alf Guvald Nilsen (2014) call “social movements from below” (2), it links teachers in and out of classrooms to wider activist movements with the understanding that activism is always educative and that genuine education must embrace the history and aspirations of struggle for a more just, equal, humane world.