The role of police officers can at times be turbulent and dangerous, and can impact upon their mental health and sense of well-being. Yet traditionally matters related to the well-being and mental health of police officers have not been high on the political agenda in England and Wales, a function, it seems, of an expectation that officers will be resilient to the stress that they face. However, this view has changed in recent years, and pressures are being exerted on police organisations to better support officers whose mental health and well-being may be negatively affected by their work. This chapter reviews evidence regarding the sources of stressors embedded within police work. We then consider extant evidence regarding the impact of those stressors on the psychological health, physical health and behaviour of officers. We also consider the impact that officers’ mental ill-health can have on their families and relationships. Lastly, we consider the nature of the responses of police organisations to the promotion of the well-being of their officers. Implications for practice and research are discussed in the conclusion.