A child's intercourse with anyone responsible for his care affords him an unending source of sexual excitation and satisfaction from his erotogenic zones. Furious with love—an expression that reveals a link between fury, love, and fright. Some authors, for example R. Greenson, claim that the mother is the first identification object and emphasise that while girls' development entails changing the love object, boys face the task of changing the identification object. The mother is the first love object for both of them—and also their first hate object. Love is related to fury and is therefore frightening. The Three Essays and the description of the Oedipus complex play a central role throughout S. Freud's thinking about sexuality. Jean Laplanche's theories concerning sexuality imply a return to the seduction theory in an ingenious way. Anna thereafter creates a triangular situation: the little girl will fly away with her mother and her father.