Sexual indiscrimination, indifference, with all the shades of meaning that that infers, can be considered as re-editions of a narcissistic phallic completeness. In the phase of latency and adolescence, there is a return to a kind of sexual undifferentiation. In borderline pathology, uppermost is the fear of fragmentation, dissolution into the other. The way out of indiscrimination, of confusion, is traced via the creation of a primal scene fantasy, a primal scene that constitutes the origin from which identification and oedipal complex are elaborated. In reality, the rejection of sexual difference, as S. Freud noted, also emerges as a defence of the feminine in both sexes. The lack of symmetry between the sexes implies different forms of desire, suffering, and loving in human development. It opposes the mythical idea of self, of the narcissistic wishes of lovers. Sexuality leads to an object similar to self.