"Bisexuality is a masculine-feminine conjunction: a psycho-corporal-sexual 'complex' that, by principle, over time becomes more and more psychical, however, always maintains bonds with the body". For analysts to be able to listen to the psychical bisexuality of their analysands it is necessary for them to have a sufficiently elaborated psychobisexuality, that is, to have "a good internalised parental couple", which presupposes the differentiation of gender and generations. Listening from the maternal position is often favoured to the detriment of others, just as S. Freud, in his time, favoured the paternal transferences and practically "did not hear" the maternal. W. R. Bion states that: "if analysis has been successful in restoring the personality of the patient he will approximate to being the person he was when his development became compromised". The analyst, in analysis, requires a mental range at all the levels to a sufficient degree in order to be able to help his or her analysand to access them too.