This chapter describes an effort to reconcile different languages and find a different meaning that emerges; the languages of existentialism and structural linguistics cut and pasted together in a manner reminiscent of Lola Voss creation of she own meaning system and translated into something that manages to hold open both possibilities. Lola was of a German/Spanish/South American heritage and appears to have also spoken English and French. L. Binswanger's basic assumption is that Lola is in flight from the world, evidenced by her construction of this personal language system. Binswanger, Lola's wellbeing was dependent on her return to meaningful speech and concomitant relatedness to others. Lola is disturbed by a number of—initially at least—specific incidents that themselves merit investigation. In relation to Lola, therefore, it could be helpful to consider both the existentialist positions on experience of, for example, Merleau-Ponty and Laing, and at the same time, linguistic theories of Saussure and Wittgenstein.