Psychoanalysis came into existence and was developed in Western countries, where a rather limited level of "alterity" has been elaborated. The concept of "other" is naturally local, and in general the West, and more specifically Europe, has considered as "other" all that is not European. The transmission of psychoanalysis, especially when it occurs between different cultural contexts, does not go in a one-way direction. A more realistic knowledge about China, about "sinity", is necessary if we want to ensure a real act of fertilisation in the psychoanalytical field as well. In 2000, The European Psychoanalytical Federation created a working party on the theoretical issues of psychoanalysis. The psychoanalytical sessions were the empirical base to which this instrument was applied. The migration of psychoanalysis from Europe to the Americas and to some Asian countries has fertilised the theoretical heritage of our discipline.