Psychoanalysis usually proposes an opposition between the psychoanalytic paradigm, focused on the study of significances arising from the internal world, and the systemic paradigm, which considers this world a black box and so focuses on the significances arising from the interactive network. The contributions have conceptualised notions that are currently part of people language: "designated patient", "scapegoat", "family emergent" which account for the role of family interaction in the appearance of a symptomatic patient. Bigliani proposes that multiple humiliations, with their rebellions systematically repressed, might cause resentment in the subject. Bigliani suggests that people must keep in sight both the intrapsychic and the interactional aspects. The chapter reviews some of the highlights of Sigmund Freud's works in order to understand how the notion of shame was created in psychoanalytic theory and the a posteriori consequences.