This chapter examines the existence of infantile psychotic self in a clinical setting. The infantile psychotic self has various fates, among them being the development of a psychotic personality organization. The chapter presents a case study of Lena, a woman in her midtwenties complaining of chest pains and headaches, who went to see Dr. Gabriele Ast in Germany. Lena, has a psychotic personality organization. Lena exhibits her "seed of madness" in reenactments. The case study focuses on the reenactments that dealt with the influence of her hidden psychotic seed and to observe in adult language the indescribable infantile psychotic self. Lena started having repeated nightmares when she was 4 years of age. The case study demonstrates the saturation of the fused seed with "bad" aggressive affects as it refers also to night dreams rather than conscious fantasies, it permits a more direct grasp of Lena's inner world.