The focus on Frankish history, the use of AP, and the reference to Victorius, places the short chronicle in the tradition of Fredegar, or rather in the seventh-century Frankish chronicling tradition of which the text ascribed to Fredegar is the most prominent exponent. The connection to the Fregarian tradition is particularly evident in the fact that the first of the continuations of Fredegar’s chronicle also ends with a countdown. When Victorius was finally abandoned in his native Gaul towards the mid-eighth century, the countdowns also cease to exist. One needs to be careful though in ascribing a certain countdown to the Isidorean tradition. Only if a direct continuation of either of Isidore’s chronicles ends with a countdown can this be considered to belong to the Isidorean context. Chronicles designed in the monastic milieus of the early Middle Ages had an all-embracing agenda, covering the period from creation to present times.