This chapter presents a sexuality education program for people with intellectual disability that positions adults with an intellectual disability at its centre: as story tellers, programme co-developers and peer educators. Drawing on over a decade of practice, we present what has been learned about the lived experiences of adults with intellectual disability. We present the background which informs the programme and then consider its application through peer education with people with intellectual disability. The chapter shares some of the stories of adults with intellectual disability and then focuses on its recent development with LGBTQ people with intellectual disability. It explores how this body of work and its focus on co-production with people with intellectual disability can inform wider understandings of disability and sexuality and ensure that people with intellectual disability are included in discussions about them. Taking this approach, the programme challenges the sexual ableism that underpins approaches that fail to acknowledge the sexual agency and sexual rights of people with intellectual disability

(sexuality, intellectual disability, inclusive research, peer education)