Sex work, sexual surrogacy, sexual assistants and “compassionate masturbation services.” Where are these services being offered to people with disability? This chapter examines the different sexual and socially structured frameworks which people with disability are offered to explore their sexual expression, outside of the usual dating and relationship paradigms. This will include mapping their geographical locations while discussing the nuances within each modality. Options for service provider training will also be identified and discussed. Building awareness around these current and emerging practices can assist people with disability and other third parties to differentiate between the different types of sexual services that may be available in their location. This information can support positive legislative changes to allow for these options to be legally recognised occupations, in all countries. This information can also inform different Disability and Aged Care sectors about policies, procedures and training requirements in regard to supporting their clients’ needs and sexual expression.

(sex work, sexual surrogacy, disability, paid sexual services)