In 1982, Harvard University Press published a modest-sized monograph entitled In a Different Voice. In its pages Carol Gilligan described what she discovered when she listened closely to what women had to say about personal problems, such as abortion decisions. In 1984 the University of California Press published Caring: A Feminine Approach to Ethics and Moral Education, by Nel Noddings. With the publication of Caring, the growing contention that care-based morality constituted a new ethical paradigm became a full-fledged, well-developed claim. Ethics of care advocates have in common an explicit methodological commitment that favors judgments based on detailed, in-situation perceptions. Some critics consider an ethics of care contingently dangerous whereas others find it necessarily, or essentially, dangerous. In her article "Fidelity in Teaching, Teacher Education, and Research for Teaching," Noddings clarifies the ways in which an ethics of care can be an integral part of traditional academic teaching.