Many human beings never experience autonomy and self-determination in any meaningful sense. A characteristic definition of androgyny is the following: the androgynous ideal which combines the two seeks to offer the full spectrum of experiences and feelings covered by both principles to every human being regardless of sex. Often sexism is a deeply entrenched ideology that functions as an a priori conceptual framework that is institutionalized and justified as the cultural reflection of the natural order. Modern educators have taken Rousseau sufficiently seriously that sexist education can be found throughout the world. One of the conflicts among androgynists concerns whether or not androgyny is defined by reference to culture-specific sexual stereotypes or whether the principles of masculinity and femininity have cross-cultural, suprahistorical validity. The universal, inclusive definition of androgyny might be salvaged in one way, that is, by assuming that all human qualities were sexually coded as either masculine or feminine.