This chapter presents conclusions relating to a comprehensive body of research comprising over 225 peer-reviewed academic journal publications that were examined in the previous chapters. Researchers are called upon to advance knowledge across an array of topics. Despite the number of publications, significant gaps in the literature were identified relative to the complex and diverse topic of sport environmental sustainability (sport-ES). In an era when the world is challenged by a multitude of unprecedented environmental challenges, it is argued that the institution of sport needs to play its part in developing solutions to these environmental issues. The discussion seeks to inspire, encourage, and guide researchers, including students, faculty members, and practitioners to complete research projects to begin to eliminate the gaps, and to deliver a seamless stream of knowledge that aids in enacting ES within sport. To assist with this process, a three-point plan for sport-ES is proposed, including: (1) envisioning the future of sport-ES and encouraging debate; (2) conducting research on sport-ES to advance knowledge; and (3) reshaping sport as a testing ground and exemplar of sustainable behaviour. Finally, the chapter contemplates the wider contemporary contexts facing researchers, and identifies challenges and opportunities for creating impactful research.